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You are a company and are looking for several services?
Our advantage is that you get one single contact for all your business in France!

Mail Forwarding

We ship all over the world using major international carriers including DHL and Fedex.
You can check online our freight rates and choose the best carrier for you !


We provide :
  • A French mailing address
Usefull for individuals or businesses
Each working day we :
  • Receive your post including registered items
  • Number each envelope
  • Describe each letter
  • Open each mail
  • Update your online mailbox on line
  • Remove all unwanted post such as adverts -when easily discernible
All letters are dealt with on the day
they are received
For every letter, we :
  • Scan the mail contents
The first six pages of each letter
are scanned
We keep :
  • All your mail during your contract - for free
Unlimited dedicated storage
Each week, you will receive an email with :
  • The amount of post received
  • A description of each letter
  • A record of the last operations done
  • Your account balance
This email can be sent as frequently as needed
You can amend the frequency of this email
by logging into your account
We offer four shipment preparations a month. You choose :
  • Shipments once a week
  • Shipments when you want
  • >No shipment
Freight rates must be added
Online Interface
You will be able to :
  • See how many letters you have received and on what dates
  • Discard unwanted mails
  • Read all your documents
  • Check operations history
  • Credit funds to your account
  • Request shipments to a pre-notified or to a new address
Your CDV French Office interface is accessible
24 hours a day
Each Plan includes a number of items received and scanned each month.
Above this number, services are paid for.
60 envelopes opened and
the first 6 pagesof each scanned
Valid for one company name
3 name are possible for personal use
User Information privacy is guaranteed
A monthly deposit to cover shipment rates or extra services is required
5€/month remaining on your balance
when not used
You suscribe for a monthly plan
€ 53.90 a month VAT included
Your plan is automatically renewed.
You can end it with a single email or extend it by yourself on line.
No long term commitment

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