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French Phone Number

We offer a French landline phone number . Your callers connect directly to our receptionists or we can forward your calls to your office line.

VOICEMAIL PLAN from €9.90 a month

Number beginning with 09 Number beginning with 04
€9.90 a month €11.90 a month


Providing a french phone number
At the begining, you will get:
  • A French Phone Number
  • This number is linked to a voicemail. All voicemail messages will be forwarded automatically to your email.

VoiceMail Receiving
You are able to :
  • Receive messages 24hours a day from France or from all over the world
  • Listen these voicemail messages from your computer
  • Receive as many voicemails as you want without any extra fee

In your standard email inbox, you will receive an email with the following details:
  • Sender's number
  • Date and time of calling
  • You open the mail and you listen to your voice mail message as a mp3 file

Voicemail Receiving
  • Unlimited messages

Monthly Plan
  • Monthly Fee of €9,90 a month for a number beginning with 09
  • Monthly Fee of €11.90 a month for a number beginning with 04
Set up Fee of €15
  • Minimum duration is 6 months

Recorded Message
  • A recorded message welcomes your contacts.
    We can record this message in French for you

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