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Parcel Forwarding

We ship all over the world using the major international carriers including DHL and Fedex..
You can check on line our freight rates and choose the best for you !


€7 for every standard package Set-up Fees : €18
A minimum fee of €7 is invoiced each month
if you need to keep your mailbox open


Receiving Standard Parcels
All "standard" parcels (*) are received.
They can be with or without signature.
All carriers can deliver to our address.
(*) A standard parcel is below 6 kg and its cumulative size (length + width + depth) is under 150 cm.
In case of non-standard packages, please check out our options.

Every package is recorded on line with date, number, sender, inbound tracking number, weight and size.
You can tell what the packet contains.

A one month storage is included in this plan
29 business days max
Forwardings are requested through your customer online account.
Shipment preparation is included.
Consolidation, extra packaging and transprtation costs are not included.

Available data in your inbox :
- Number of parcels we are holding
- Receiving date for each parcel
- Sender's name
- Parcel's weight
- Inbound tracking number
- Package size

With your online back office, you can :
- Request delivery note scanning
- Ask for a shipping
- See the transportation rates
- Select the best carrier
- Configure your account
- Credit funds and renew your agreement


Your parcels' details are available through the free phone application

Email alerts give you a regular update of your account (daily, weekly, monthly) and inform you about your last operations

Receiving Alert
You receive an automatic email when a package arrives for you

Shipping Alert
Email alerts are also sent when we prepare shipments for you and when the shipment process is completed.

Contract End
There is no contract end: you have to add more funds to extend the services.

A deposit is recommended during the registration process. This deposit remains on your account and will be used for transportation costs or other services fees.
Deposit is up to you
€5 suggested as a minimum
Reciveing & Shipping
With Express Plan, you pay €7 per parcel.
This service fee of 7€ is invoiced during the receiving process. In case you require packaging or consolidation, they will be invoiced during the shipment preparation.
€7 per parcel
Freight rates
depend on destination and weight
Evenif you don't receive any package, there is a minimum monthly invoicing of €7 to keep your account open and active.
Just cancel the account by email if you prefer to use it as a one-off.

€18 set-up fee

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