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French Phone Number

We offer a French landline phone number. Your callers connect directly to our receptionists or we can forward your calls to your office line.

FAX PLAN from €9.90 a MONTH

Number starting with 09Number starting with 04
€9.90 a month€11.90 a month


Fax French Number Assignment
After the registration process has been completed, we will :
  • Assign you a French fax number

Fax Receiving
Your Fax is readable:
  • In your normal mailbox
  • 24H/24H from all over the world
  • With unlimited receiving

Fax Sending
You can send a Fax:
  • From our online interface
  • To all fax numbers in the world
  • With a limit of 50 pages of fax by month
And you will get receipt confirmation by email

Online Account
In your personal interface, you will see :
  • Sender's number
  • Transmission date and time
  • Fax receiving confirmation

Fax Receiving
  • Unlimited receiving

Fax Sending
  • Maximum of 50 pages of fax sent by month
    If you exceed this limitation, please contact us

Monthly Plan
  • Monthly Fee of € 9,90 a month for a number beginning with 09 XX
  • Monthly Fee of €11,90 a month for a number beginning with 04
Set up Fee : €15
  • Six months contract as a minimum

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