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French Phone Number

We offer a French landline phone number . Your callers connect directly to our receptionists or we can forward your calls to your office line.

CALL FORWARDING RATE from €9.90 a month

Number beginning with 09 Number beginning with 04
€9.90 a month €11.90 a month


Providing a French phone number
Once your registration process is completed, you will get:
  • A French Phone Number
  • This number will be connected to a local VOIP phone device in your country.

Landline French number
We set-up a French number beginning with 09. It's a landline number and for the callers only local phone rates apply. This number is not a high-price pre mium rate-number.

Local number
As an option, you can choose a French number beginning with 04, corresponding to our country area.
Option possible
Call Forwarding
24 hours a day, we will
  • Forward all your French calls to your local VOIP phone - we can provide you with this phone.

Call Receiving
With this internet Forwarding, you are able to :
  • Receive calls 24hours a day from France or from all over the world
  • Have unlimited receiving
  • Listen to these calls from your country - thanks to your VOIP phone device - when your callers have dialed a French number

Inbound Communication
It's a cost effective solution because :
  • You know exactly and in advance your monthly expense
  • You receive all calls free of charge
  • Most local calls are free in France so it's free also for the caller

  • Monthly Rate of €9,90 a month for a Internet number beginning with 09
  • Monthly Rate of €11.90 a month for a geographic number beginning with 04
  • Six months contract as a minimum
Set-up Fee : €49.00
Outbound Communication
If you require this French number to call your French contacts, we will propose you an outbound communication package.
VOIP Phone device
A robust and efficient VOIP phone can be provided. It wil be already configured by our company and you just have to plug it on the Lan cable.
€139 a VOIP phone device,
delivery to France and EU included
VOIP set-up
In case you prefer to buy the VOIP phone device by yourself, please consider the VOIP configuration set.
30€ for the configuration set

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