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French Phone Number

We offer a French landline phone number . Your callers connect directly to our receptionists or we can forward your calls to your office line.

CALL ANSWERING RATES from €19.90 a month

Pay-as-you-go Till 15 calls/month Till 25 calls/month Till 40 calls/mois Tailor-made Answering
€19.90 a month plus €8 per call €59.90 a month €89.90 a month €129.90 a month Quotation on request


Providing a French phone number
At the contract beginning, you will get:
  • A dedicated French Phone Number
  • A specific questionnaire to understand your required recommendation for the answering calls

Call Answering
We will provide :
  • Professional French native receptionists to take your calls
  • Presence from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • Specific message for your company upon you request
  • Your company voicemail outside office hours

Call Reporting
You will receive :
  • All your messages in the same day by email
  • Transfer of the voicemail messages to your email

Data transferred
  • Every message taken includes as a minimum a family and first name, company name, phone number and question/comment of your contact
Ask for an oyther quotation
if you require more
  • Monthly pricing depend on number of calls -
Refer above table
Set up
  • We need four days to set up the answering calls for your company
Set-up fee of €89.00
  • Six months contract as a minimum

  • During the call, we ask the email of the sender and provide it to you
Ask if you need this option
  • Every call is answered in French. But we can translate the message to English before sending it to you
Done via email. We quote on demand.
Customer care
  • We can answer simple questions regarding your business
Please provide us with
your business features
Order Taking
  • We can help your customers to place their orders on line
Training required

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