Mail Services in France

A personal or business address with a PO Box service in France

Mailing Address for Individuals

CDV French Office offers an address in France , not just a PO BOX.
You can also access a virtual and safe mailbox on line .
From low-cost mailbox with mail storing till premium mailbox with scanning of all your incoming letters, we have different monthly plans .

You will find the most suitable mail solution for you.

Registered Address for Businesses

Our offers also allow you to establish a legal French business entity in south-East of France or in Paris. You sign a specific agreement used to notify all French legal authorities.

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Virtual MailBox Management

mail services in france

Letters Receiving

CDV French Office will handle all your post. Mail Storing is included.
If you wish, we will discard useless adverts. On your instruction, we scan either just the envelopes, or all the documents. We offer automatic or on-demand mail forwarding to any destination you require.
Our friendly internet software will offer several shipping methods and indicate the freight rates .

Bespoke administrative services

We can pay invoices for you, forward an important document with a secure courier and undertake bulk mailing . With your agreement, we will pay your cheques into your French bank account.

CDV French Office is your trustworthy partner , here to help manage and expand your business in France.

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How to access our Mail Services ?

mail service via Internet

Mail Plans and Pricing

A monthly plan gives you access to CDV French Office services
From simple mail forwarding to full documents scanning , we offer a wide range of services for all your post and secretarial services .
There will be a plan to fit your particular requirements.

The plans are set out in a table to allow you to compare them and help you decide. The price for each service is clearly noted. Most of our mail plans are open-ended with no commitment period.

Online Registration

Opening a mailbox in France only takes a few minutes and a few clicks. Once you have chosen your plan, you suscribe online and immediately receive your French Address and agreement by email.

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An address in France for international forwarding

An address in France for Internet Purchases

Your parcels in France

With CDV French Office you get your very own French address enabling you to buy from any French or European merchant.
Our logistic platform will receive all your packages and forward them at your convenience to wherever you are in the world .

Our competitive shipping rates are available online.

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Business Address for your logistics

Business and logistics center in France

Consolidation, Unpackaging or e-Logistics

Our warehouse receive all your boxes or even pallets.They are stored then dispatched.
Consolidation and repacking services are also available for you.
You can manage your inventory on line and can place your shipping orders.

In our logistics platform, every incoming parcel will be weighed, measured and identified with its tracking number.

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Subscription for Parcels Services

Register for a parcel service

Sign Up on line

It takes only few minutes to register on line with CDV French Office.  You choose your preferred plan.
We have a pay-as-you-go solution with on-demand, one-off forwarding. Perfect for your small online purchases!

If you run a business with more packages, you may prefer a monthly plan with storage .

Parcels Pricing

Rates for our parcels services are available on line.

Our shipping calculator will take into consideration the destination, size and weight of your consignment. For other logistics needs, we offer tailor-made quotes .

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French Virtual Phone

virtual phone in France

Keep in contact through our landline phones !

We propose several various phone services in France :

Our numbers are VOIP numbers but they act as landline numbers.
Your correspondents will call in France and we will answer or transfer the call to you.
Your French number will be available 24 hours after registering for the service.

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Call answering

French receptionists for your calls

Our teams pick up the calls through your dedicated line , take messages and transfer them to your email.
Our staff members have been chosen for their friendly and professional skills. They give the best impression of your company during your absence.
And you save office expenses !

With CDV French Office call center, you will get :

  • A dedicated landline number connected directly or forwarded to your line
  • A personalised welcome online, up to your requirements
  • Transmission of all communications contents by email
  • A voicemail service to take your calls during the out-of-the-office hours

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About Fax services

Virtual fax on line

Receiving Faxes

With our low-cost fax monthly plan , you receive directly your faxes in your current email inbox and/or in your web interface. We assign you a fax number that you can give to all your contacts. They can fax you documents through their standard procedure. You read your fax by opening a message which contains a pdf file.

Sending Faxes

Transmitting faxes can be done one at a time or with bulk transmission. You can either suscribe to the normal fax monthly plan wich will include all fax transmissions. Or, if you prefer, you can use the service on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The fax software is available on line for all CDV French Office customers. You activate it when you want.
Enter your text and even attach a file. You will get the status of your fax transmission through your online interface.

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French Mailing Address

Mailbox for Individuals

po box france

You can use our French address to receive mail and parcels.

You can also make your Internet purchases, have them delivered to us and we will forward them wherever you want in the world.

French Virtual Office

To manage a Business in France

You know how important your subcontractor choice is.

Since 2005, CDV French Office has been offering a virtual office in France for overseas companies.

We specialize in three different services: mail , parcels and phone services .

We are therefore able to provide you with a fully outsourced virtual office.

Mail services

CDV French Office will store your letters and even scan them when requested.
You can also outsource many of your administrations tasks like invoices payment, and paying cheques into the bank.
If necessary, you can use our address to register an entity in France with the appropriate legal authorities.
Check the online mail pricing .

Parcels services

parcels france

Packages received in our warehouse can be consolidated before being forwarded to your destination.
We can also split the boxes before sending the parcels to your customers.
You will choose the best carrier for you, we offer competitive transportation rates , all of which are available on line.
To begin with the parcels services, we have adaptable monthly plans , prices always listed on line.

Phone services

business center france

Our business center also includes phone and fax services to really reinforce your business presence in France.
Either quality call answering , simple French Voice Mail , easy call forwarding , or using a French number connected to your current telecom network, we will help to provide with the most suitable phone solution.

French Office Advantages

CDV French Office is a trusted choice for your mail , parcels and phone solutions in France.
As an experienced company, we are obessed over providing with an excellent customer service.

Trusted Agent

Efficient and convenient

  • All tasks are undertaken within one working day
  • Easy-to-use customer account management site
  • Variety of membership plans to suit all your needs
  • Choose your address in South-east France or in Paris
  • One subcontractor handling a full range of services : your mail, parcels and calls

Cost effective

Your online tools !

Web account management

Web Interface

Your personal and secure internet access is a user friendly tool to manage all your mail and parcels.
This unique tool is designed to track all operations we handle.
So you can check 24 hours a day the business we handle on your behalf.

You order, we do!

Free Smartphone Application

Free apps for mail service France

To follow your parcels and mail receiving, a phone application is available.
From your phone, you can then consult all your mailbox content or your packages details..

Options and Account Configuration

During your online registration, you pick the membership and the options that are right for you.

Your online back office is easy to access so you can modify them easily.

Our offices

French Office Building

Located in the south-east of France, our building and warehouse are adapted for all mail, parcels and phone services.
We have also facilities in Paris where we can provide a registered address.

We are open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm CET.

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